Montgomery County Human Services is a critical and significant part of our community’s safety net – along with family, faith-based and non-profit help. It helps resolve problems and prevents many from worsening.

When you support Montgomery County Human Services, you help protect at-risk children and seniors, people born with serious disabilities, unemployed adults seeking jobs, and our public health. With careful management and screening, funding will help provide important human services to more than 50,000 people in need a year, from all across the county, including:

Protecting children from abuse and neglect and preparing them to thrive in school
Ensuring elderly people with frailties can obtain health care, meals, and assistance in their own homes
Providing early diagnosis and treatment for children with mental and physical disabilities
Helping adults with developmental disabilities find housing and jobs, and live on their own as parents age
Keeping us all healthy, with immunizations, flu shots, restaurant inspections, and disaster planning
Helping people in crisis get hospital care when necessary
Expanding alcohol, drug, and mental health services and crisis facilities to fight heroin and other drug use
Preparing unemployed adults to find training and jobs to reduce dependence and support themselves